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Protection So Clearly Tough Around The Edges, You'll Hardly Know It's There.

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What do kids, parking lots, concrete pillars, and wind gusts all have in common you ask? They don't mix will with delicately painted door edges!  Knicks, chips, and scratches to the edge of vehicle doors is a fact of life. These accidents happen all the time and the cost to have them repaired can be significant.  But now there's an alternative to having to dig into your pockets to pay for damage to your vehicle after the fact; prevent it from ever happening to begin with. 

Introducing Llumar® Door Edge Guard Paint Protection Film, a high-gloss and virtually invisible paint protection film that shields your vehicle's door edges from the damages of an inadvertant door swing gone wrong.  At 5/8" thick, the self-healing film has superior durability and yet boasts best-in-class quality. An economic alternative to after-the-fact repairs, the film can be installed in a matter of minutes and will not compromise the seamless look of your car's paint job like some other unsightly solutions. Inquire today on how you can protect your door edges and save money at the same time!