Caveman Tinting, Inc.

What Makes Us Different You Ask?  

To say we've been around for quite some time now is an understatement, 17 years to be exact. Over those 17 years, we've seen quite a few things.  In a world in which new tinters close down as fast as they pop up, we are proud to say that we have always been...and will always be... a reliable, honest, and steady presence in the BuxMont community.  You see, we understand that tinting is a tough skill to master. It literally takes years of experience to deservedly acquire the title of 'professional' and all-too-often, fly-by-night or unscrupulous individuals/entities hop into the industry looking to make a quick buck.  Of those, most quickly find out just how difficult this profession can be and in their haste, leave a trail of disappointed customers behind them.  This unfortunate cycle often leaves consumers with a bad-taste for window tinting and the people who make up the profession.  Because of that, it has been a personal mission of mine to help reconfigure the public perception of the tinting experience from one of hucksters and purple bubbles, to elegance, professionalism, and quality.

Above all, we pride ourselves on being masters of our craft who put attention to detail as a first priority.  We know it's our name and reputation that will go with you when you leave. That is why our discerning eyes and technical skills combine to deliver you a tinting installation that is second-to-none. You have my word, it will look good; this is a promise we back with every installation. Secondly, we use only professional-grade films.  At a time when many tinters are turning to sub-par or inferior films in an effort to cut costs, we have always chosen to stay with the Llumar brand. Llumar has been the leader of the window tinting industry for decades and you can rest assured that, save for a few unique films, all of our installations are backed by Llumar's limited lifetime warranty.  Third, whether it's your house, your car, or your business, we know it is important to you and that is precisely why we give both you and your property the time and respect you both deserve.  We will take whatever time and care is necessary to inform you of your options to put your mind at ease.  Finally, we'll be here for you in the rare event something does get by us. No fleeting assurances or shuttered doors. Period. 

Simply, we refuse to compromise on quality and care and this is the Caveman difference.   We appreciate your consideration and find it an honor to be of service to you. We always have, we always will... 

Kindest Regards,

Ash Kernen, Owner