Caveman Tinting, Inc.

Ash Kernen, Owner

ash cti sign

In 1999, Ash Kernen started Caveman Tinting, Inc. out of one-bay garage on a quiet suburban street in Hatfield, PA. What started as a love for automotive customization, quickly grew into a full-service window tinting company. Throughout the years, Caveman Tinting, led by Ash, has built an unshakeable rapport with our customers and to this day, continues to lead with the motto, "Treat every installation like you were the customer. Treat every customer like it was you seeking the installation."


Mason Worley, Lead Installer

After a years-long exhuastive search for the right candidate, Mason was hand picked by Ash to come on board with Caveman Tinting in 2013 where he worked directly with Ash in a rigerous 2-year apprenticeship.   During that time, Mason completed hundreds of automotive and flat glass installions under the careful watch of Ash while being held to the same level of expertise and skill that customers have come to expect from us.  Since then, Mason has taken full day-to-day operational control of Caveman where he continues to thrive in the position of lead installer. He is lauded for both his attention to detail and personable nature when workign with customers. as evidenced by the voluminous compliments and reviews he has garndered along the way.



Memphis, The Shop Manager


On most occasions, Memph can usually be found lying around the premises doing what all bosses do... relaxing while the rest of us toil away.  But hey, who can get mad at him with a smile like that!